How Headway East Lothian has helped me

Nina-Jane Rae crop
Nina-Jane Rae
 “I have been coming for the last 12.5 years to the group. I like the chill factor and i am relaxed when I go there. I like talking to friends that i have made due to coming so long. I don’t like the exercise workshop. I love all the outings that we have ie Christmas shopping, bowling and the yearly bbq. Coming to Headway has helped my speech and that alone makes me feel better. I look forward to what lies ahead with Headway.”




Gillian “I started coming to Headway in 2010-2011. Everyone that attends headway has a brain injury of some kind and we understand each other. when i go to the group meetings I like playing dominos of a different kinds ie tri-ominoes and bend dominoes also we do arts and crafts and go to outings. I like going to Headway as it makes me feel better and I can be myself there. I am looking forward to the braw weekend that we have with all the other Scottish Headway groups.”



Tam resizedTam “I have been attending for just over a year now. The company is good there. I love to play dominoes with some of the others in the group and the other kind of things we do are painting and exercising and going on outings. when I come home from Headway it makes me feel chilled and relaxed. Attending Headway makes me do things and not lay about doing nothing, I look forward to coming to every meeting.”



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John Hogg “Coming to Headway has given me my confidence back; you lose it when you’ve had a stroke; they’ve helped me with my driving too. I like the socialising and how we can discuss similar problems”




Liz resized


Liz “I’ve only been attending for a few months now. The company is great and it gets me out of the house. I love on the bikes and play dominoes with some of the group and the exercises and go on trips to various places, and charity events within headway. When I’m there I feel more confident and relaxed as it’s like one big family. Chilling and going with the flow.”



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Grace Porter “They helped me fill in all my benefit forms. There’s no peer pressure at the groups as everyone has the same kind of problems and helps each other”


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Gillian Maryniak “When I was in hospital I couldn’t speak or anything but coming out to Headway has helped my speech”



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Kate Dickson “Everybody is as ‘doo lally’ as me, it’s a good crowd”




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Steven Cook “My first time in going to Headway was in 2004 and I’ve been coming ever since. they are a very friendly group of people. we have raffles, bbq, bowling. I like doing word searches and going on trips visiting interesting places. Being there makes me feel relaxed. I look forward to going home at the end of the day.”


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Sheryl “I’ve been coming along for about a year now. The like the social interaction with other group members playing dominoes and art and crafts. we have outings every month which are good. By going to headway meetings it helps me with my speech and confidence building and I feel a lot happier within myself. I am looking forward to the braw weekend away to Tulliallen as it will be the first break away for years.”


Paul resizedPaul “I’ve been coming now for over two years. I needed the company and the company here is great they all make u feel welcome. I enjoy sport type things and dominoes, going on trips every month or so. The carers and staff are brilliant. Since coming to the meetings I feel a lot better as it means I can communicate with the people that attend. You look forward and not backwards to the unknown.”


Ian resizedIan ” I’ve been coming to headway for about 3 years now. I like the company and the group keeps me busy and active. I love the interacting with the others that come to the group. music and dominoes, exercising and arts and crafts are the things that I like doing there. Being here keeps me active as there is always plenty of things to do. I look forward the doing all kinds of things with the group and the outings.”



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Mary “I’ve been coming to the group for almost a year now. I like coming to headway as there are always plenty of activities and the people are very friendly. Going to Headway gets me out of the house for a little while as if I didn’t go to the meetings I wouldn’t be doing anything. My favourite activities are arts and crafts, chatting and outings. Since I’ve been coming to Headway I have felt a lot better as it not sitting at home on my own. I am looking forward to the visit to the safari park and the mystery tour.”


Alba resizedAlba “I’ve been a member for 10 years now. the company and banter keeps me going back. I like talking, going on the monthly outings to various places. when I’m at the group I feel relaxed and good. I am looking forward to the bbq and Christmas shopping and last but not least the mystery tour we have each year.”



Robert resizedRobert “I have been at Headway since it started. I come for the fellowship in the group. Since I’ve been going I compile the monthly newsletters, prepare slideshows and quizzes. Headway makes me feel good and I’m looking forward to the mystery tour and Christmas lunch.”




Fiona Vol resizedFiona McQuade, Volunteer “I started coming along to the meetings in September 2018. There is a lot of banter going on in spite of their brain injury, and I feel I am doing something meaningful and to learn about how people with an abi copes with everyday life. I love the different activities that goes on and learning new skills. I go on trips and assisted cycling. This makes me feel that I am making a small contributions and one that sounds interesting. I look forward to learning something new each meeting.”


Teresa Vol resizedTeresa, Volunteer “I think I’ve been coming along now for two years … to have more awareness and more understanding of brain injury and how their families cope. I participate in activities and outings, help or assist others who are unable to be more mobile. Makes me feel very satisfied. I am looking forward to be able to understand what headway is about.”